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Industrial Safety Examination

  • Technical diagnostics and examination of industrial safety equipment and pipelines, including main pipelines
  • Examination of design documentation
  • Certification process equipment
Work on the examination of industrial safety equipment are complex and generally include:
  1. Analysis of technical documentation;
  2. External and internal examination, the visual measurement and control apparatus;
  3. Control of installed automation systems;
  4. Nondestructive testing of welded joints quality, thickness, continuity of control of the metal, control of surface defects;
  5. Determination of chemical composition, metallurgical studies, evaluation of mechanical properties of base metal and welded joints;
  6. Conduct a comprehensive technical survey and electrometric diagnosis (for pipelines);
  7. Carrying out corrosion studies;
  8. Analysis of the results of technical diagnostics and strength calculations;
  9. Analysis of damage and the technical condition;
  10. Strength study (including, and the finite element method);
  11. Technological calculations;
  12. Determining the residual life of the apparatus, hydraulic (pneumatic, accompanied by acoustic emission control) trials.
For our customers convenience we provide additional types of work:
  1. Preparation of process equipment for the technical diagnosis:
    • Dismantling of the insulation
    • Mechanical cleaning of welds
  2. Issuance of guidelines to identify inconsistencies of the actual condition of the equipment requirements and the existing documentation.
  3. Repair works of different nature and complexity.