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Design and procurement

Currently, the company created one of the strongest and most experienced engineering group (design and process engineers), with more than 20 years experience in the design, maintenance and development of new equipment and units. They have deep professional commitments to their tasks providing and developing innovative and superior solutions to all our customers.

  • Development of new types of equipment with the latest solutions and requirements of industrial safety regulations
  • Development of design to bring existing process equipment to the rules and regulations
  • Manufacturing, supply and installation supervision of equipment
  • Conducting commissioning and process stabilization
Equipment & units:
  • Complex natural gas and gas condensate treatment units in the oil fields and storage facilities;
  • Field treatment units of oil and associated gas;
  • Installation of purification and processing of natural and associated gas at the gas processing plant;
  • Installation of processing liquid hydrocarbons to produce motor fuel and components for the petrochemical industry;
  • Installation and processing of natural and associated gas, condensate and oil on offshore platforms and onshore facilities;
  • Gas treatment units of the fuel and start gas to CS and BCS;
  • Installation of metering and gas accounting;
  • A set of equipment for flares;
  • Mass transfer equipment (columns with different types of plates and nozzles);
  • Heat exchangers;
  • Tanks working under excessive pressure drainage, surface and underground;
  • Gas separators;
  • Oil separators;
  • Fluid degassers;
  • Filters for coarse and fine purification of liquids from solids;
  • Dust-collecting units;
  • Two-phase liquids separator;
  • Firing gas and oil heaters direct heat and with an intermediate coolant;
  • Fire evaporators for the regeneration of absorbents;
  • Rapid-acting gates;
  • Quick-change constriction devices;
  • Technological blocks with the above products, reinforcing block, pumps and other equipment.