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Developing of codes and standarts

Our scientists have participated developing the following documents:
  • RD 26.260.162002 "Expert technical diagnostics of vessels and tanks, working under pressure at the sites of mining and processing of gas, gas condensate and oil in northern Russia and underground storage facilities;
  • VRD 391.100662002 "Expert technical diagnosis of vascular pressure on the compressor and gas distribution stations;
  • STO Gazprom 0252006 "Provision of expert technical diagnostics of shell and tube heat exchangers;
  • STO Gazprom 0262006 "Provision of expert technical diagnosis process furnaces fire heaters;
  • STO 00220575.0632005 "Technological preparation and processing of oil and natural gas containing hydrogen sulphide cause stress corrosion cracking. Technical requirements;
Documents currently have been developing with participation of our experts:
  • STO Gazprom "Technical requirements for the design, construction and operation of process equipment, and capacitive types of column design life up to 40 years, working in non-corrosive environments;
  • STO Gazprom "Assembly, welding, heat treatment and quality control in the repair and modernization of the body of technological equipment of OAO Gazprom;
  • STO Gazprom RD "Technical diagnostics of vessels working under pressure on OAO Gazprom.