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Completed projects

  • Condensate Deethanization Unit, capacity - 259 KTA for the Evo-Yahinskoe GCF;
  • Condensate Stabilization and Dehydration unit, capacity – 1040 KTA for the Tarasovskoe GCF;
  • Gas treatment unit, capacity 9 000 MCMPA for the Nahodkinskoe gas field, “Lukoil-Zapadnaya Sibir” LLC
  • Stabilization Unit for marginal field, capacity-15,6 KTA for the Saratovsky underground gas storage;
  • Condensate Deethanization Unit, capacity -624 KTA for the Vostochno-Torkasalinskoe GCF;
  • Condensate Deethanization Unit, capacity - 710 KTA for the Samburgskoe GCF;
  • Condensate stabilization Unit, capacity -32 KTA, for the Nignee-Kvakchinskoe GCF and Kshurskoe GCF
  • Condensate Deethanization Unit, capacity - 777 KTA for the Yaro-Yahinskoe GCF;
  • Condensate stabilization Unit, capacity - 957 KTA for the Purovsky condensate treatment plant;
  • Gas condensate treatment unit, capacity – 150 KTA for the Kysyl-Syr, Yakutia;
  • Equipment for LTS (low-temperature separation) and Condensate stabilization Unit for the Jaraktinskoe OGCF;
  • Technological equipment for the Harampurskoe OGCF;
  • Associated gas treatment Unit for the Akshabulak;
  • Adsorption gas dehydration Unit, capacity – 21 750 MCMPA for the Bagtyjarlyk, Turkmenia;
  • Reconstruction of the Associated petroleum gas treatment Unit, capacity – 600 MCMPA for the Usinskiy Gas Processing Plant, “Lukoil Komi” LCC;
  • Associated petroleum gas Utilization Unit capacity – 350 MCMPA for the Verh-Tarskoe field, TNK-ВР;